April 8, 2014 Guild Meeting

The meeting was held at the Creative Quilting Connection shop. During the business part of the meeting, Kathy Woods told the group that our longtime treasurer, Candy Schladt, would be relocating out of state because of her husband’s work, and that Louise Jargowsky had volunteered to be the new treasurer.

Judy McWhorter of Creative Quilting Connection gave a talk about the history of quilts which was very interesting and informative. Her talk included quilting in the 1800’s and even earlier. She had several examples of older quilts she owns, some of which had been appraised by Neva Hart. She had quilts from her family, quilts that had been gifted to her, and others that just needed a good home, some of which were in a fragile state. Very interesting stuff ! After Judy’s talk and the business meeting, shopping was the order of the day.

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