Barn Quilts Part 1

On Saturday June 14th, Blue Ridge Quilters held a Barn Quilt class, part one of two classes. The room was set up, the boards were ready to paint and the painters were ready and excited to get going ! It was originally thought that we would need a 2-part class, but things went so well that everyone completed their Barn Quilts and two students even got a good head start on a second one !! There are pictures nearby.

20140614_091902 20140614_091911 20140614_093956 20140614_094001 20140614_095916 20140614_095928 20140614_095942 20140614_100028 20140614_110204 20140614_110215 20140614_110231 20140614_110239 Ruth Ann done 20140614_113410 Cynthia done 20140614_115557 20140614_120721 20140614_123702 Everyone doneEnjoy !!

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