Happy 90th birthday, Jo Bell

At 3:00pm on Saturday, January 10th at Colonial Baptist Church off of Mountain Pass Road there was a surprise celebration of the 90th birthday of Jo Bell hosted by her son and daughter-in-law and youngest daughter. Present were approximately 60 people consisting of family, friends, neighbors, church friends and quilting friends. There were several yummy Italian dishes provided as well as birthday cake, and a good time was had by all.

The photos nearby (taken by Carol Zaleski) show some of the event. First is a surprised Jo as she entered the hall; then a sign stating a few things about her life; a photograph on display of Jo when she was approximately 17 years old; another photograph of her as a bride at age 20. Next is a picture of Jo with her youngest daughter, Susie. Then there is a picture (from shortest to tallest) with Jo, her youngest daughter, Susie, daughter-in-law Ellen and son, Mike.

We are thankful to have Jo among us as she is a continuing inspiration to us all. Happy birthday, Jo !!

1Jo-surprise (1) 2Jo-sign 3Jo-young 4Jo-Bride 5Jo-& Susie 6Jo-Susie Ellen Mike

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