BRQG Meeting August 11, 2015

The meeting of August 11th was fairly well attended, plus six members brought sewing machines and participated in the Make & Take Night. Pictures are nearby.  Kathy Wickham asked those who brought their Row 7 to come forward. It is truly amazing how different the same project can be when interpreted by different folks. Row 7 was the last row in the 2015 Mystery Row Quilt project; I am looking forward to seeing how folks put their rows together. Kathy chidingly instructed completed quilt tops be brought to the September meeting . . . yeah, right !

Show and Tell is always amazing as members show projects they have been working on; sometimes the projects have been on-going for a time, but have been finally completed. We all know that feeling of relief and satisfaction when we complete a project. Talent abounds in the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild.

Then it was time for Make & Take Night. Kitty Yates instructed us in making a non-skid pad on which to rest your sewing machine foot pedal so you don’t have to keep dragging it into place after it skedaddles across the floor as you sew. This will be a good tool to keep with your “going to class” gear ! Carol Zaleski said it really keeps her foot pedal in place, even on a carpeted floor. Instructions posted below.BRQG Foot Pedal instrClick on image and it will appear in a new page. Then choose Control/P to print.

Make&Take-1  My completed project

Make&Take-2   Busy sewists Make&Take-6

Project in the making


Guess who this is?


Another lovely project underway


Our fearless leader setting a good example.


Nice fabric

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