BRQG Meeting October 12, 2015

The October meeting of the BRQG was well attended by members and a visitor or two. A few minutes were devoted to sharing personal thoughts, project reports and generally just sharing what’s on our minds.

Kathy Woods announced that a nominating committee comprised of Cynthia Luedtke, Loretta Twiford and Janice Taylor, will be contacting folks to fill the ballet for upcoming elections for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also several committees which need filling: Programs, Publicity, Membership, Audit, Historian (picture taker), and Newsletter. See a copy of the posted By-Laws for definitions. Be ready to volunteer !!

Then it was time for Show and Tell. See nearby pictures showing just a few of the beautiful items shown by our talented members. Not shown is Carolyn Zaleski’s Mystery Row Quilt (she was taking the pictures for show and tell).


Kathy Woods Black and White quilt for her sister


Cynthia Luedtke BRQG Mystery Row Quilt


Kitty Yates getting ready to show a quilt she made with fabric that just jumped into her shopping basket.

The program was turned over to Pat Lingle and Gayla Heath, who presented a program on panels and what to do with them. See nearby pictures of samples demonstrating what can be done with a simple panel to turn it into a work of art ! Following the program, there were drawings for door prizes, followed by a panel exchange where several members brought panels; they were placed on the table, shuffled up and folks just grabbed what they saw and liked. After the panel exchange, Pat and Gayla (and the audience) gave advice to members on possible ways to enhance panels.


Example of a panel


A panel enhanced with thread art, and a clever border, done by Linda Whisman who was a visitor


An example of what you can do with a panel and some very creative ideas.The words in the sashing were created by cutting out letters on alphabet fabric.


A simple panel separated into strips and re-invented, with the addition of a colorful and clever border


The center of this panel is coffee labels on fabric, embellished with a border and cup and saucer applique


These are embroidery blocks taken from simple to elaborate with pieced, cut and offset 9-patch block fills, 4-patch sashing and borders


A simple Halloween panel separated, rearranged, re-assembled and embellished with borders and prairie points


A Christmas panel with added simple, multiple borders, gifts and beads


Program presenters Pat Lingle (she doesn’t always scowl !) and Gayla Heath

November’s program will feature Avis Withers who will speak on Crazy Quilting. Avis has quite an impressive resume and awe inspiring talent. Be sure to attend.

BRQG By-Laws

ARTICLE 1 – Name

The name of the organization shall be Blue Ridge Quilters Guild.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote good fellowship and the interchange of ideas among those engaged or interested in the art and craft of quilting; to stimulate interest in the community, to make quilts for donation to charitable organizations; and to promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilting through education, sharing, enjoying and appreciating others work.

ARTICLE III – Membership, Voting Quorum

Any individual who is interested in furthering the purpose of this organization may become a member upon payment of dues, as required by the By-Laws.

1. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.

2. Annual dues and visitor fees shall be recommended by the executive board and dues shall be payable by the January meeting.

3. New members shall be accepted monthly. For those joining after June, dues shall be half the amount of annual dues.

4. Renewing members always pay full dues.

5. Visitors are welcome at monthly meetings; however, a visitor’s fee shall be charged.

6. All members in good standing (members whose dues are paid) shall have a vote on the business matters requiring a vote. Majority of members present at the given meeting shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE IV – Meetings

1. Regular meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month except on those Tuesdays that fall on a holiday or election day. In that case the meetings will be cancelled. In case of inclement weather we will follow the closing schedule of Botetourt County Schools. Missed meetings will not be rescheduled.

2. The Guild may sponsor workshops and other events for Guild members. These workshops may be open to the public at the discretion of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE V – Officers

1. The officers of the guild shall be:

2. Election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in November. The nominating committee shall present a slate of officers at the October meeting, having secured the consent of those nominated. Nominations may be made from the floor. If there is only one candidate for an office, the vote may be “viva-voca.” Terms of office shall be for two years starting January 1 through December 31, with a limit of one consecutive term in each office. Vacancies of offices shall be filled by appointment by the President, with approval of the Board.

3. President
a. The President shall preside at the Board Meetings and at regular monthly meetings.
b. The President shall coordinate the work of the officers and all committee chairmen.
c. The President will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee.
d. The President is the official spokesperson for the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild.
e. The outgoing President will assist the new President as ex-officio executive board member for a maximum of one (1) year.

4. Vice President
a. The Vice-President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President’s office in her absence, and shall share the duties and responsibilities of the office of President.

5. Secretary
a. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of proceedings at each regular Board meeting.
b. The Secretary shall furnish a copy of the minutes to the President.
c. Minutes shall be posted to the guild website and copied for members without email.
d. Approval and corrections to the minutes should be reported to Secretary and President.
e. Minutes are to be kept for a minimum of five (5) years.
f. The Secretary shall also be custodian of Guild records, including committee reports, as well as the lists of existing committees and members.
g. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence of the Guild and shall read important correspondence at each meeting.
h. All correspondence and reports are to be kept for a period of one year. After one year, it shall be decided by the Secretary which items shall be retained as part of the permanent record.
i. The Secretary is responsible for publishing the Guild Directory that is to be distributed to the members by March.

6. Treasurer
a. The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and maintain all funds received by the Guild.
b. The Treasurer shall maintain records of all receipts and disbursements.
c. The Treasurer shall receive membership dues, collect money and write receipts.
d. The Treasurer shall prepare financial statements as required.
e. The President shall be designated with secondary check signing privileges.

ARTICLE VI – Executive Board

1. The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers and committee heads.

2. The Executive Board shall supervise the affairs of the Guild.

3. A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those
present shall determine all matters brought before the meetings of the Board.

4. The Executive Board shall meet at least once each quarter in March, June, September and December.

5. A budget will be written each year, approved by the Executive Board, and brought to the general members at the February meeting.

ARTICLE VII – Standing and Special Committees

1. Chairmen of standing and special committees shall be appointed by the President. Their tenure shall coincide with the tenure of a new President.

2. Program Committee
a. The Program Committee, consisting of a chairman and two members, shall be responsible for obtaining, scheduling and introducing the programs for the regular meetings from January through November and schedule one workshop per year.
b. The Program Committee Chairman will announce upcoming programs at quarterly board meetings.
c. The Program Committee Chairman will notify the Newsletter, Website and Publicity Chairs at least thirty (30) days in advance of upcoming programs.
d. The Program Committee Chairman will discuss progress of the programs with the Board, including upcoming programs or contracts.
e. The Program Committee Chairman shall write thank-you notes to persons who have presented programs and workshops.
f. The outgoing chairman shall assist the next chairman.
g. The Program Committee Chairman shall appoint a Social Coordinator for each event (workshop, speaker, etc.)

3. Publicity
a. The Publicity Chair is responsible for all Guild publicity, including notifying the media of events of interest to the community.
b. The Publicity Chair is responsible for the design and distribution of any posters and flyers required to publicize Guild events.
c. The Publicity Chair is responsible for notifying other guilds and organizations that might be interested in Guild events.

4. Membership Committee
a. The Membership Committee, consisting of a chairman and two members, is
responsible for enrolling new members, keeping the official roll and attendance records and act as Greeter
b. The Membership Committee is responsible for collecting visitor fees.
c. The Membership Committee shall write notes of welcome to new members.
d. The Membership Committee shall introduce new members and guests at
e. The Membership Committee is responsible for the Membership Packets that are given to new members.
f. The Membership Committee is responsible for making name badges for all new members.
g. The Membership Committee shall mail get well, etc. cards.

5. Nominating Committee
a. The Nominating committee shall be appointed by the President.
b. The committee shall choose one member among themselves to act as chairman.
d. The committee shall share job descriptions with nominees.
e. The committee shall submit a slate of officers and make their report at the October meeting. Additional nominations from the floor may be made, providing that the consent of the nominee has been secured.
f. Voting shall be at the November meeting and shall be limited to those nominated.
g. Elections shall be by majority vote.

6. Audit Committee
a. The Audit Committee shall be comprised of three members appointed by the President.
b. Each year by the December meeting, the Audit committee shall audit and balance the financial books, prior to treasurer taking over.

7. Historian
a. The Historian shall take photos at each meeting or guild event. If the Historian will not be at the meeting, another member should take photos.
b. Photos taken should identify the member.
c. Photos should be sent to the Webmaster for posting to website.

8. Newsletter Editor
a. The Newsletter will be distributed monthly to members with email.

9. The President may appoint other committees as needed.

ARTICLE VIII – Amendments

A committee shall be appointed by the President to review the By-Laws every three years. The proposed changes shall be presented to the Executive Board at least two months in advance. Upon approval by the Executive Board, the By-Laws shall be presented to the members for approval one month prior to a vote.

ARTICLE IX – Dissolution of the Guild

In the event of dissolution, the Executive Board, if possible, shall dispose of all assets of the organization exclusively for the purpose of charitable, educational, religious or specific organizations provided they qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or any amendment thereof or any successor thereto then in force.

By-Laws adopted:**___