Meeting, Nov. 10, 2015

At the beginning of the meeting, Kathy Woods asked if we would like to express some thoughts on what we are doing or anything else we would like to share, and stories and notices were shared. The business meeting was short, with a reminder that next month will be our Christmas party and we should all gift wrap one yard of fabric (in one piece, or 2 half yard pieces or 4 fat quarters) to bring, along with a snack to share. Also, next month we will be voting on whether to accept the By-Laws as presented and, if so, a slate of officers will be presented for voting.

The meeting then moved on to the guest speaker, Avis Withers, who spoke on crazy quilting and shared with us many different samples of her work. Avis’s credentials are impressive and her work is extraordinary. Altogether, her presentation was awe inspiring and mind expanding. Nearby are photos taken during her presentation. The first is Avis, then her friend who helped with the presentation. Also shown are an old crazy quilt and some detail from that quilt.

Then it was time for Share and Tell, with photos also nearby. We have some talented and clever quilters among us !


Ann Ware’s BRQG Mystery Row Quilt.


Victoria Person and her grandmother’s photo on a mini-quilt.


Janice Taylor’s I-Spy quilt.


Janice Taylor’s crazy bluejean quilt. Made from family discarded jeans.


Tina Dietz and her amazing piece.


Kathy Woods’ table topper.


I can’t remember whose this is, but it is beautifully done.

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