BRQG Meeting, April 12, 2016

It was a fine night for a meeting . . . too bad I missed the first 10-15 minutes of it by having to go back home to get the items from the display case which I had forgotten !! Oh, no !! What I missed was Show & Tell. Thank you Ann Ware for taking pictures !


Tina Dietz hexie quilt


Tina Dietz Arcadia Avenue Fly Away block


Tina Dietz Arcadia Avenue Fly Away block color variation


Carol Zaleski with her first Double Irish Chain


Kathy Wickham re-invented ragged edge


Kathy Wickham re-invented ragged edge reverse

The Round Robin exchange was made and Kathy Wickham explained the premise of Round Robin to the Ryan’s Case ladies whose eyes all lit up with excitement and possibilities. This will be the last border round on the Round Robins which will be turned in next month and owners will claim their block for the great reveal. At that time, the owners and members will all see the final results for the first time and see what 3 others have done to their original piece. It is always exciting.

The ladies from Ryan’s Case For Smiles were there and Mary Jo Reed gave a short but informative talk about the organization and their purpose. She indicated that Carilion Memorial Hospital has a need for about 300 pillowcases each month for children under their care. Amazing. Also, although Lewis Gale Hospital has no pediatric practice, they do occasionally have young people under their care and will require a dozen cases to get them started. Also, UVA is being added to the pillowcase fund this year and they also have a need for 100+ pillowcases monthly. Wow, who knew?

Our members had made pillowcases and donated them last night for a total of 22 cases. The Ryan’s ladies then whipped out their machines and began sewing while BRQG members got busy cutting fabrics and pinning. Tina had a tutorial on how to do the seamless burrito style cases. For a video tutorial, go here: (you may need to copy this into your browser) Doing it this way, there are absolutely no raw seams anywhere on the case. It is really easy !

And, Carol Zaleski proposed a CHALLENGE. That the membership have FIFTY (50) pillowcases ready to turn in at our next meeting on May 10th. How about it – are you in? If every member made 3 cases, which is no strain on anyone, we will easily meet that goal. More is better . . . Thank you Carol Zaleski for taking these photos.

Everyone picked up their items which were in the Library Display Case and I went home with an empty box. When I left, the Ryan’s ladies were still sewing and several members were still pinning and helping out.

Calendar of upcoming meetings:

May — Marietta Price of Fabric Barn will be speaking about color. You won’t want to miss this meeting.
June — Field Trip to Quilting Essentials, 405 Apperson Drive, Salem, VA 24153. We will meet there at 6:30pm where we will have a short meeting and program, and then everyone’s favorite past time, shopping!  Carpooling is encouraged.

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