BRQG Meeting, May 10, 2016

There were a disappointing number of members present at the meeting. There were several visitors who were there because of the speaker, Marietta Price and her daughter, Sierra.

Several stories were told at the beginning of the meeting, including these:
If you were at the Guild meeting you heard an interesting story about how Victoria Person and her sister, Susan Butler, both went on a long road trip. Victoria said that when she went to park and lock her car, she looked over and thought, that’s Susan’s car !! Neither knew the other would be in the same town, let alone the same parking lot at the same time. They wanted to visit a particular shop but it was closed. While they were looking in the window, a man walked up and asked if they would like to go inside; the man was the owner of the shop who had not intended to be there on that day at that time. Providence strikes again. At this point, Kathy Woods said it just so happens she knew the man they were talking about. He is Delbert Godsey and he lives in Mountain View, Missouri. She said he is such a sweet elderly gentleman whose wife has passed away. Every year she sees him at Quiltfest and has begun looking for him to be there because one year he won’t be there anymore.

Carol Zaleski told about an email she received from a friend and it contained a link to a You Tube video showing how to make your own fabric quilt labels – for free !! You should have received a copy of that email recently. Easy and free – a hard to beat combination. Here is the link:

The Round Robin participants gathered at the front and collected their own bags. Kathy Woods removed the completed Round Robin pieces from each bag one at a time and held it up for the owner and all to see for the first time. It was an exciting reveal and there were many oooohs and ahhhhhs. I think the next time a Round Robin is proposed, there will be some new folks participating !

Kathy Wickham introduced the new 6-month Block of the Month patterns (yes, there will be two each month for 6 months); shown is Hawaii and the other is Jacobs Ladder. Next  was Show & Tell with lots of lovely items shown by members.

6 mo block project

The speakers, Marietta Price and her daughter Sierra, both of the Fabric Barn in Montvale, took the floor and delivered a very interesting program involving color. There were many samples passed around which were looked over carefully by the audience. Ms. Price introduced a color wheel tool which gives 4 tones for each of the colors and using the tool you can be assured of choosing colors and tones correctly. I just wish I had paid closer attention to the name of the tool ! But, it can be found at the Fabric Barn.

Remember, next month we will meet at 6:30pm at Quilting Essentials in Salem for our regular meeting, Show & Tell and shopping !! You might want to arrange car pooling with your pals. See ya then.

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