BRQG Meeting June 14, 2016

We met at Quilting Essentials in Salem at 6:30 when a business meeting was held which included Show & Tell and Block of the Months. As we arrived, we turned in the pillow cases we had made over the last two months, for a total of 65 pillow cases turned in plus the 22 previously made and contributed, which means that we surpassed our goal of 75 pillow cases by the June meeting. Way to go, ladies !! Bernie seems to be thinking, that small basket they left for collection is not going to do this job !!

65 Pillow Cases turned in

65 Pillow Cases turned in ! Yea !

Kathy Woods recapped some of the discussion at the recently held Board Meeting and asked for volunteers for a Hospitality Committee which would plan and supply/set up socially slanted meetings – like, perhaps a pizza night, or other specially themed social meeting.

Another suggestion was to host another National Quilting Week event, similar to the one we hosted in 2009, or perhaps even hosting our very own quilt show to display and show off some of the beautiful things we create as individuals and as a group. Be giving these ideas some thought and email the officers with your ideas for the Guild.

Somehow,  Ann Ware and Louise Jargowsky managed to hide from Bernie’s photo taking ! There were 15 of us present.

Kathy Wickham showed her BOM’s 1 and 2 and asked members to show theirs.

Then Carol Zaleski presented BOM’s 3 and 4 along with her completed blocks plus the parts involved in the making of each block. She passed out directions for each of the blocks to those interested.

After Show & Tell, the shop owner showed some new panels available and the ooos and ahhhs went up. She showed the shop’s License Plate for the upcoming Row by Row which begins later in the month; it was supposed to be printed as Quilts & Recipes but somehow became Recipes & Quilts. Ah, well. Our thanks to Pat and Bernie for their thoughtfulness in providing yummy snacks and drinks.

Then it was time for shopping ! I don’t think anyone went home empty-handed.


Shoppers !

And, thank you, Ann Ware for all the great pictures ! Oh, and Bernie, too . . .

Picture of picture taker

Thanks, Bernie.

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