BRQG Sew-In Aug 18, 2016

We had a good time today and were really productive. There were tables and chairs and ironing board with iron and sewing machines humming, oh my ! Tina brought the Falling Triangle blocks we had all participated in making and we got busy laying them out and started sewing them together. Altogether we actually completed four (4) quilt tops and there  are two (2) more underway but we ran out of time !

Those attending today were Tina Dietz, Program Committee; Janice Taylor, Secretary; Loretta Twiford, Newsletter; and Claire Hightower, Membership Committee. Hmmmm, did you notice anything there? Everyone is an officer of some sort . . . gee, wonder where the regular troops were. Ah, well, as it turned out there were enough folks to use the blocks that were donated; at 36 blocks per quilt and 6 quilt tops, that’s a total of 216 blocks. Good job on making the blocks, ladies !

Here are some pictures from today. Oh, Tina is not really under the table, it just looks like it. And that is not Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” – Claire really was there and somehow I failed to capture her loveliness on film. Sorry, Claire. Anyway, on with the pictures !

Remember, there will be another Sew-In at the Library on the 30th from 6p to 9p. See ya there !!

ps I believe if you click on a photo it will open to a scroll screen with titles. I think.  lol

One thought on “BRQG Sew-In Aug 18, 2016

  1. Sorry I wasn’t there to help, but I ended up babysitting my granddaughter all night and all day (8 months old). Great job you all!

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