Thank you, Library

On Wednesday, December 14th, Board members of Blue Ridge Quilters arrived at the Blue Ridge Library with a gift of appreciation to be presented to the Library. The gift was beautifully gift wrapped and was manfully and enthusiastically unwrapped and opened by Steve Vest to reveal a large white erasable board with built in height adjustable legs. And, in a separate gift wrapped package were a package of fine point erasable pens, a package of wide point erasable pens, a board eraser and board cleaner, as well as a handy plastic container in which to keep them. The board will be available for use by all groups as well as the Library.

Thank you, Ed Zaleski, for taking such great pictures of the occasion.


Presenting the gift

Merry Christmas and Thank you, Library. Left to right: Janice Taylor, Louise Jargowsky, Steve Vest, Tina Dietz, Carol Zaleski, Loretta Twiford and Susan Butler


Opening the gift

Rip it !!


Initiating the gift

Steve Vest just could not wait to break it in and wrote a nice Thank You Quilter’s Guild to initiate the erasable white board. On the table in front, just barely visible is the box in which they will keep the other part of the gift, erasable markers, board cleaner and eraser.

And, while at the Library, Ed also took photos of quilts donated to the Library by the Guild in past years. Do you remember these? I am sure quite a few of us worked on at least one.

And, just because it was Ed taking the pictures, a little something extra . . .



BRQG Meeting, Dec. 13, 2016

The December meeting is traditionally given over to fun, food and fabric, not necessarily in that order. Folks bring some yummy to share as well as a yard of fabric prettily gift wrapped for a gift exchange. This year, a goodly number of members were in attendance as well as some new folks and some who have not been able to attend recently, and a good time was had by all.

Let’s just jump right in and get to the pretty pictures taken by Historian, Ann Ware ! First will be the pictures of attendees and the yummy foods they brought for sharing.

Next is Show & Tell, always beautiful and creative work by these busy quilters.

Also shown were just some of the 23 quilts made by Blue Ridge Quilters which will be donated to the Woodhaven Nursing Home on Friday the 16th.

Thanks to all, it has been a very good year for the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild, with diverse programs, sharing with the community, and a lot of participation by members and guests. And now, Merry Christmas to all, and a very Happy New Year. As a reminder, $20 annual dues can be paid at the January 10th meeting. See you then.