August 8, 2017 Meeting

Oh, my, I got so busy putting off other stuff I inadvertently put off posting this, too !  Anyway, it was all about the August meeting of BRQG at The Bargain Barn for a bit of shopping, a business meeting and a project presented by owners Marietta and Sierra. And, unfortunately for us, the going away celebration for Carolyn Zaleski, long time very active member of the Guild. There were refreshments, farewell cards and cash in lieu of a gift card. Carol is moving to Concord, NC to be closer to family. We will miss her sorely.

Kathy Woods appointed members for the Nominating Committee, Jan Duus, Victoria Person, and Kathy Woods; Claire Hightower volunteered to handle Publicity, the vacancy created by Carol leaving.

There are a lot of pictures nearby, so enjoy !



This picture is of the group in attendance. What a good looking bunch of ladies ! Oh, and stay tuned to find out just what everyone is holding up.

Here we all are busily trying to follow Marietta and Sierra’s easy directions. They had prepared a fabric piece for each of us (they had previously washed it in Dawn dish washing liquid and water, about the same proportions as you would for washing your dishes) and provided patterns of Hawaiian type applique that we could trace on freezer paper and cut out. So far, so good. After ironing the pattern onto the fabric, we then got an egg size portion of shaving cream (yep, you saw it here) and our choice of dye which we added a drop at a time to the shaving cream and stirred it up. When that was ready, grab a smallish paint brush and starting inside the ironed on pattern, brush some colored shaving cream out over the edges onto the fabric to make it look like we had worked really hard. Some ladies chose multiple colors, some pale, some vivid. Each one turned out super and unique. What fun!

And then was Show & Tell. These ladies are amazingly talented.

I am sorry to say that I did not think to grab my camera until two ladies had shown their¬† beautiful pieces; one was Kitty Yates who had a lovely top completed and waiting to be quilted, and Mary Sue showed an outstanding Convex Illusions quilt. Sherry, the lady in the first picture is holding up her beautiful batik Party on the Block. Next is Vicky Anway and her stunning red table runner and pink cheater cloth quilt which she also quilted. Tina Dietz is showing a signature quilt she made for her church; the front and back are both special. Then, Jo Bell with her Toes In The Sand which was Creative Quilting Connection Block of the Month. Loretta Twiford is showing one of two bed scarves she is making for her sister, as well as Galaxy Of Stars which was an online block of the month, and her Blue Ridge Quilt Guild Block of the Month from last year. Dorothy Atkins demonstrated an apron she made because she loved the fabric; she said it is so long because she didn’t want to cut the fabric. Cynthia Luedtke had some receiving blankets she had made and Kathy Wickham showed zippered pouches she made from mens silk neckties! Kathy also held up a Challenge Block and asked if anyone had theirs to hand in.

Whew, what a meeting. Well attended, good project participation and a lot of eye candy Show & Tell. Makes me look forward to the Silent Auction next month. Remember to come early with your booty for the auction so it can be grouped and priced. Oh, and bring your checkbook, too . . . you might just find something to take home with you. See you then.