BRQG Meeting, Sept. 12, 2017

The meeting was well attended and well stocked for the Silent Auction. First, though, was a quick business meeting where the program for October was revealed to be a Make-and-Take night. Bring your sewing machine and accessories to make your very own scrap catcher/pin cushion! A supply list will be included with the October newsletter.

After Show and Tell was the Silent Auction where quilting/crafting items were relocated to new homes to be used by new hands. Also, there was a table with “buy-it-now” fabrics and another with books and magazines. It sure did look like folks were enthusiastically bidding and making purchases. The proceeds from the Silent Auction are used to purchase supplies to make community quilts, fabrics for challenge blocks and scent babies for the NICU unit at the hospital, to pay speakers, etc.

But, now let’s visit the talented quilters who shared their labors with us. Show and Tell is always a great experience. Enjoy.

The meeting broke up early, but there were a lot of happy owners of “new-to-me” equipment/books/fabrics and the Treasurer was happily tallying up the proceeds. Hope to see you all on October 10th.

ps – the Library meeting room has been reserved for Wednesday, October 4th and Wednesday, October 18th for a sit-and-sew from 10am to 3pm. If you need a quiet space and time to just work on your whatever, bring your stuff and come on down. Mark your calendar. All BRQG’s will be welcome.

One thought on “BRQG Meeting, Sept. 12, 2017

  1. Great to see everyone. Beautiful show & tell as usual. We”re adjusting to life in NC and aside from being lost A LOT, we’re doing just time. No sewing for a while, still opening boxes but the end is in sight. Love to all my friends. Carol Zaleski

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