BRQG Meeting, Oct. 10, 2017

The meeting got started a few minutes late as members arrived with their sewing machines and apparatus to prepare for the night’s make-and-take project, a pin cushion and thread catcher, led by Tina Dietz. Kathy Wickham took the floor and said that next month would also be a sew-in night and we would assemble and sew together the blocks from two different volunteer block programs; Pineapple fabrics and zig-zag fabrics. The quilts will be donated to the NICU and to Woodlawn. Please bring any blocks you have made from these fabrics but have somehow lost track of.

Kathy Woods said that she and the other members of the Nominating Committee have not yet met, so she asked for volunteers from those present to be on next months ballot for the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary. The office of Treasurer is currently held by Carol Dillman who took over from Louise Jargowsky when she recently moved from the area for the health of her husband. The Nominating Committee will meet prior to the November meeting, and during the November meeting the floor will again be opened for any further volunteers and/or nominations.

There was some discussion about the Blue Ridge Quilters combining forces with Star Quilters to hold a National Quilting Day celebration on March 17, 2018. Marietta Price of The Fabric Barn is checking with Colonial Baptist Church in Blue Ridge, where she is a member, to arrange for renting their social hall for the occasion. There was some discussion about making a quilt to be given away at the celebration, as well as door prizes, etc.

Tina Dietz gave instruction on the construction of the pin cushion/thread catcher and the 9 or 10 folks who brought machines got to work. While the sewers were busy cutting, ironing and sewing, a quite impressive Show & Tell was in progress (see photos nearby).


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