BRQG Meeting, Nov 14, 2017

There was considerable discussion about the upcoming National Quilting Day Celebration scheduled for Saturday, March 10, 2018. There will be a meeting with co-planners Star Quilters Guild at the Blue Ridge Library at 5:00pm prior to our regular meeting on December 12th.

Nominating Committee representatives were not present to present their slate of proposed officers for the next two years, so voting will not occur until December.

Treasurer Carol Dillman announced the current balance of the bank account along with the sales from the September Silent Auction.

Pineapple Fabric blocks were laid out in groups which members picked up to assemble and return in January. There were enough for four NeoNatal quilts and at least one Woodhaven size quilt. Ann Ware had already assembled her blocks into a quilt to be donated to Woodhaven (see pictures below). Kathy said when the quilts are completed, photos will be taken to send to the Pineapple Fabric folks to share what was done with their generous donation fabric. Kathy Wickham also reminded us that Scent Babies are still needed for the NeoNatal unit at Carilion. The Scent Babies are made from two pieces of flannel with no batting or other stuffing required.

Then it was time for Show and Tell, which even for a small attendance was beautiful, as always.

Be sure to attend the December 12th meeting and join in on fun, refreshments and fabric exchange. And come early for the NQD planning meeting ! See you then !

ps – I hope you read the input and not just looked at the pictures . . .

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