Meeting, March 13, 2018

After a short business meeting, the floor was given to Loretta Twiford who had a trunk show of some of her quilts. I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow.


Getting Ready for the big show !

Jo, Tina and Carolyn

L to R – Carolyn, Tina and Jo

And then there was Show & Tell – always beautiful work by our quilters.

Tune in again next month for the continuing adventures of . . . oh yeah, Tina will be showing us some tips on applique in April ! Be sure to be there.

NQD 2018 Pictures

Here are some photos from both the set-up on Friday, March 9th and the National Quilting Day event on March 10th. Feel free to leave comments ! Also, if you are on FaceBook, check out the Star Quilters Guild page for a lot of pictures taken by Ann Ware.

National Quilting Day Celebration

I am attaching the National Quilting Day Celebration program which for one reason or another failed to make an appearance at the excellent occasion today !! Please feel free to print it out, especially page 4 which contains important information.

If you weren’t there today you missed out on seeing old friends, enjoying seeing the many quilts displayed, hearing an excellent speaker and oh, my the door prizes ! There will be many pictures posted very soon.

2018 NQD program    HINT: For best results, choose to print in Landscape.

Library Display Case

March is National Quilting Month; Guild members met at the Library on March 1st to decorate the Display Case. Good job, ladies ! Be sure to stop by and take a look.

Library Display 3-2018