Show & Tell, Aug 14, 2018

First was the Tea Cup Challenge reveal. This challenge was begun back in June when those who chose to participate brought in a tea cup (or cup of their choice), well protected and in a plain paper bag. The bags were then exchanged between the participants with an aim of creating some sort of table topper or runner in colors and/or theme to match the tea cup. Two of the participants were not present, but four others revealed the content of their bag. Unfortunately, one person, Claire Hightower, somehow managed to dodge the camera but will bring hers back next month when the other two show their reveals.


Next was Show and Tell, where the talent and innovation show up. As always, good job, ladies!


Hope to see you all next month when member and past President Kathy Woods will speak on Ergonomics for Quilters.

Silent Auction Night

It was Silent Auction Night at Blue Ridge Quilters. There was a pretty good selection of items on which to bid and the bidding got heated on a few; very few had to be truly auctioned at the close of the evening. In addition to the auction tables, there were books, magazines and fabrics for instant purchase and folks loaded up. See pictures of the shoppers.

The programs for the rest of the year sound interesting. I am looking forward to September, when Kathy Woods will give a talk on Quilters Ergonomics, something that applies to every one of us. For October, we are to bring an orphan block along with coordinating fabrics, cutter and cutting board, etc. for an Orphan Block Party. For November, you may want to use one of those Orphan Blocks to participate in “Quilting Troubleshooting,” or “What Was I Thinking?” Of course December is party month with fabric exchange and snacks.

The Tea Cup Challenge parcels were opened and the contents revealed. Each of the table runners was unique and beautifully done in colors to coordinate with the teacup offered. However, two of the participants were absent and their parcels will be saved unopened for next month.