Meeting Sept. 11, 2018

Vice President Juli Kramer was back and did an excellent job of taking charge of the meeting. Good to see her back again.

The first order of the evening was Show & Tell, and there were several participants who showed some really gorgeous works. See photos nearby. Then Tina spoke about the upcoming October meeting and gave the floor to Kathy Woods.

The meeting on Tuesday evening, September 11th, 2018 was all about Quilters’ Ergonomics, a talk given by Kathy Woods. It was all very interesting, with audience participation and handouts and even included some exercises we all did in our chairs. Then there was measuring for proper height of our work table, cutting table, sewing table and ironing surface. Very informative and Kathy did a great job.

We were reminded that still hanging in the Library is a 9-11 Memorial Quilt which the members of Blue Ridge Quilters had made and donated to the Library. Nearby is a photo of the quilt as well as a photo of the news article about it. There are faces there that you will recognize, although they were somewhat younger at the time.

Looking forward to the October meeting when Tina Dietz will once again wow us with her creativity and her urgings to help us Think Outside The Block. You know, it took a couple of readings to really appreciate that this is a play on Think Outside the Box. Did it take you that long ?? Hopefully not ! Anyway, it will be interesting and I can pull a couple of orphan blocks out of my bag of tricks with a view to giving them a new and useful life. I’ll bet you will be able to find one or two, also. See you then.

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