BRQG Meeting, January 8, 2019

Happy New Year, Blue Ridge Quilters ! It was a very good first meeting of a new year with a couple of special celebrations. For one, former member Carol Zaleski dropped in for a visit with birthday girl, Jo Bell. Jo was very surprised to see Carol and we were all treated to a piece of happy birthday cake.

Also, there were so few members at the December meeting because of bad weather conditions that we were invited to bring gift wrapped fabrics for a fabric exchange. This was just a tad different though . . . every time Kathy Wickham said the word “quilt” we were to pass the fabrics to the next person. This led to some critical listening and a lot of laughing. Good fun. I was too busy passing fabric to take pictures !

The highlight of the evening was Tina Dietz’ program. I think everyone has probably done a dresden design at least once, but Tina’s approach and pattern were just different enough to keep it interesting. Using her suggested dollar store template material (Chopping Mats – 2 in the pkg for $1) and the pattern she passed out, I made one and it turned out to be very easy to cut and construct. Did you make at least one block from her pattern? If not, give it a try.

In looking at the pictures again, it is amazing just how many variations and ideas she presented from this one block pattern ! Good job, as always, Tina.

And, of course, Show & Tell was amazing.

For February, bring your favorite heart block ! See you then.