BRQG November 12, 2019 Meeting

At the November 12th Giving Thanks meeting, there was Show and Tell. Here are the pictures:

Also at the Giving Thanks meeting, there were stations set up demonstrating some of our 2019 community service projects. One table was Tina Dietz giving instruction on making french seam burrito style pillow cases for Ryan’s Cases For Smiles. This method allows for no raw seams at all. Several people sat at the extra machine and tried their hand. 20191112_203624

One table was equipped with free-to-you objects to be used to make Fidget Quilts for Woodhaven Nursing Home. These are clever and fun to make and give.


Not shown was a table set up with Scent Babies which had been sewn but needed to be trimmed and turned, and the turning gap sewn closed. Also available at that table were Scent Baby templates so we could make our own at home using 2 pieces of flannel with no batting. Carilion Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit uses these for the parent of a premature baby to take home and sleep with to get their scent on it. The parent then brings the Scent Baby back to the NICU where they put it with the premature baby so that the bond between parent and child will remain strong until the baby is released.

There was a table set up for members to help in pinning a community quilt, getting it ready for quilting and binding. Happily, that was accomplished in short order and with the aid of many hands.

There was also a table demonstrating how to make the blocks for the guild’s quilt which will be awarded in a drawing at the upcoming National Quilting Day Celebration on March 14th, 2020 at Colonial Baptist Church off of Mountain Pass Road, Blue Ridge, Virginia.

All in all it was a great meeting with lots of interaction, learning and sharing how we of the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild give thanks to the community. The December meeting will be our Christmas gathering with games and refreshments – be sure not to miss it ! And bring one yard of fabric wrapped/bagged up pretty for the Chinese Auction which is always a fun time. It can be one (1) one yard piece, or two (2) half yard pieces, or four (4) fat quarters. See you there !!

Remember, in case of inclement weather, if the Evening Classes at Virginia Western Community Collage are cancelled, so is our meeting. Notice of cancellations for the VWCC Evening Classes normally occur before 4:00pm.

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