BRQG Aug. 2020 Board Mtg

The Board met in a Troutville Park pavilion on August 18, 2020. The main thrust was aimed at finding a convenient place to have a real guild meeting until the Library is allowed to open its doors to group meetings. More information to follow.

And there was also a Show & Tell event:

The first group is Gisela O’Connor with 2 bed runners and a foster kids quilt that she made.

The next photo is Cathy Henderson with what she called her “Covid Quilt.”

Then is Kathy Wickham with a foster kids quilt and Cathy Henderson, also with a foster kids quilt she made.

The final grouping is Kathy Wickham showing quilt tops donated by Pat Lingle, who has spoken at our guild several times in past years. Pat has downsized and finds she is unable to finish the pieces so she donated them to us where they will be finished and used as donations to our various charitable projects, i.e, foster kids, lap quilts for Woodhaven, etc.

It was a good meeting and further details about future meetings/events will follow. In the meantime, stay safe and keep on quilting !! Remember to share photos of your projects with the newsletter editor to encourage others to Never Give Up, Never Quit.

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