June 2021 Meeting Blue Ridge Quilters

The June meeting was held on Zoom and the speaker was Lee Chappell Monroe. Ms. Monroe had been the speaker at the Blue Ridge Quilters National Quilting Day Celebration in March, 2018 and was very well received as an interesting and entertaining speaker and seeing her again was like greeting an old friend. She spoke about color, primarily, but also listed a few points to ponder, among which were:

Set a goal
Have deadlines
Recharge by getting with others
To assure successful forward movement toward a goal, stay on point
Plan your work and work your plan
Slow down and enjoy the project
Use your best materials and tools
Make one block first to make sure the pattern is correct

(Boy, do I ever need to incorporate these into my thinking and doing !!)

Ms. Monroe also presented a slide show of color wheels, explaining each as she went along. Some of her slides are shown here; some of her explanations for the slides were Analogous, Complimentary, Split Complimentary, and Triad. If you want more information, check out website http://www.maychappell.com/meet

She then showed us quilts she had made using the color wheel principles. Warm v Cool (all the colors have gray), Scrappy Stars (added analogous blue), Warm Intensified Cool and vice versa.

Some helpful hints:

When shopping for fabric, look at the selvedge which shows the base cloth and every color used in the finished fabric.
Paint chips (color cards) help in shopping for fabrics
Take a black and white picture to capture values
Use a layout app on your computer or phone
Cut the largest pieces first
Use assembly line methods in construction – it is faster and saves thread

And at this point in the meeting, it was time for Show & Tell.

Cathy Henderson showed a sweet embroidery piece she had quilted
Betty Tyree showed a wild goose piece
Kathy Wickham showed two quilts she had worked on, one a hexagon quilt and the other a double wedding ring
Cynthia Luedtke showed a piece as well as a block she had made, both with patriotic fabrics
Loretta Bedia showed a piece she had made which was illustrative of Lee Chappell Monroe’s color talk
Donna Bohon showed a Scrappy Star Quilt pattern and the resulting quite lovely quilt
Gisela O’Connor showed a piece she had made with a 4-patch border
Karen McMillan showed a yellow and red quilt

And remember, the July meeting is scheduled to be held in person! Be sure to check the July newsletter for further details.