Quilts of Valor Awards

On Monday, March 14, 2022, two Quilts of Valor were awarded at the American Legion on Apperson in Salem, Virginia after their monthly meeting. Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers members Sally Madden and Nancy Karnes held up the quilts, Gisela O’Connor awarded two Vietnam commemorative pins, and photographs were taken by Kathleen Ledger. The award ceremony was attended by American Legion members and their spouses.

A good many of the members of the Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers are also members of Blue Ridge Quilters. This local chapter of QOV was started in the recent past by BRQ member Carolyn Zaleski; she is an enthusiastic supporter of Quilts of Valor and is doing a super job of getting the word out to local organizations who know of veterans who could/should be awarded quilts. It is a privilege to be associated with the Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers.

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