NQD Celebration, March 5, 2022

National Quilting Day celebration was hosted by Blue Ridge Quilters on Saturday, March 5, 2022. As with any event where more than a few are expected, there was plenty to be done in preparation. Namely, quilts to be hung or otherwise displayed. Busy Blue Ridge members met up at the event location (Colonial Baptist Church in Blue Ridge) on the afternoon prior to the event in order to get an otherwise empty hall made beautiful with quilts which members were bringing, together with all the paraphernalia necessary to effectively and attractively display them. Folks were inserting hanging rods into the hanging sleeves of quilts to be hung on the walls, others were arranging various and sundry quilt racks, etc. and arranging quilts over them for best display. Others were setting up tables for the guests, complete with table runners, center pieces, and table favors, as well as event programs. Some were preparing “goodie bags,” and getting all of the door prizes laid out ready to be given away. The ladies from the church were busy arranging the tables for water and the lunches. It was a busy afternoon. There were an abundance of members present so the set-up seemed not to take much time at all.

The event itself was underway on Saturday morning at 9:30 and soon there were nearly 80 folks there ready to look at the quilts on display, the table especially for Ryan’s Case For Smiles, and another for the Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers, organized by Carolyn Zaleski, a member of Blue Ridge Quilters. There was also a table of community projects done by the BR Quilters.

All of the local quilt guilds were also represented, Lake Quilters, Star Quilters and Peaks and Pieces in Bedford. Everyone spent time wandering around looking at all the beautiful quilts on display. Enjoy the show of quilts.

There was also a table for Marietta Price of Bargain Barn Fabrics in Montvale displaying some of the processes she teaches at her shop. She also had a wing back chair which she is re-upholstering which in an of itself is a piece of art. The chair is very imaginative and fascinating. Did I mention she does upholstery at her shop as well as having quilting fabrics, including extra wide backing, and many home decorative and upholstery fabrics?

The speaker for the event was Lee Chappell Monroe, who is always very entertaining and informative. Her talk was about Applying Color Theory and she had a trunk show to show examples of colors and how to put them together to make an appealing quilt. She spoke of primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors, where they are on the color wheel and combining them to good advantage. I hope you enjoy her trunk show as much as we all did. Lee also had a variety of patterns, kits and miscellaneous to offer at the end of the event.

After the speaker, it was time for yummy lunch prepared by the youth of the church. They did a splendid job, as always, and everyone appreciated their endeavors. I had chosen a turkey sandwich which came with condiments, pickle, chips and a cookie. Yum.

Two impromptu speakers were heard. One being Marietta who spoke briefly about wing back chairs and ways to determine their age. The other speaker was Mrs. Norma Dempsey who told us about a Quilting Ministry she is getting started at Colonial Baptist Church, and to invite anyone interested to join in. Their goals are: Serve people, Teach people to quilt and ultimately Reach people with the Gospel. The group will meet at the church once a month on the 2nd Friday, from 10am to 4pm. Her contact is: pd2work@cox.net

After the Speaker presentation and trunk show, a special award was made to Blue Ridge Quilters member Vicky Hammond. Vicky had been a member of the Air Force during a period of conflict where she performed vital services, and she was awarded a Quilt of Valor. Speaking on behalf of Quilts of Valor was Carolyn Zaleski; those holding the quilt were Carolyn Loop and Loni Bier, who also wrapped Vicky in her quilt.

And finally, what a lot of us were waiting for, there were numbers drawn to give away two Opportunity Quilts. Out of the many tickets sold, only two were pulled and the lucky winners were (on the right) Sue Berry, a Star Quilters member, and (on the left) Shawna Loveday. Congratulations, ladies!

And a happy time was had by all. I think everyone in the room received a door prize! Not to hurry folks along their way, but very soon after the closing events, members began cleaning up the tables, gathering centerpieces and table runners in one place and folding them up to be put away. Others began folding the tables for storage, folded quilts to be picked up, and the same two stalwart members began climbing ladders again to remove the quilts from the walls, while others removed the hangers and rods, organizing them neatly in piles. All in all, it went rather quickly and very soon folks were carrying to their vehicles items they had brought for use or display, while others packed up the table paraphernalia and leftover table favors. There is only one picture of the place when we were nearly through.

We hope to see you all again in two years.

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