Blue Ridge Quilters April, 2022 mtg

Time has a way of slipping by . . . days are long but somehow weeks seem to fly by! Anyway, our April meeting was very well attended even though it was on the third Tuesday rather than the usual second Tuesday.

The program was Strip Party Exchange where each brought as many (or as few) 2.5″ strips and 5″ strips of quilting cotton fabric as they wanted. Everyone laid out their strips on a table and then we all browsed the strips and took whatever we liked in the same number as what we had brought. There were some “ugly duckling” strips and some “really cool” strips and the challenge was to make a project from the strips we selected and bring it back in to a future meeting. Sounds easy, huh? There are scads of ideas on the internet using 2.5″ and 5″ strips, so now is the time to seek and search for those ideas. It will be very interesting to see the individual results.

Here are some candid shots prior to the meeting getting started.

Show and Tell featured a variety of quilting projects made with or from strips in one manner or another, including a carry-all bag which opens up flat! There were some really colorful pieces as well as some “out of the box,” traditional and quietly beautiful quilts. There is a lot of talent in our group.

Our next meeting will be back to the second Tuesday, May 10th, at the usual meeting place. The program at that time will be Finishing Touches, Binding/Labels. Making a beautiful quilt top is an accomplishment in and of itself, but getting those finishing touches done results in an actual “quilt.” Be sure to be there.

On Saturday, May 7th, the Blue Ridge Quilters Ways and Means Sale will be held in Fincastle. A bulletin with full information will be sent by email next week.

The Lake Quilters Guild Quilt Show is TODAY April 29 (10am to 4pm) and TOMORROW, April 30 (9am-3pm) at Bethlehem United Methodist Church, 13586 Old Moneta Road, Moneta, VA 24121.

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