Blue Ridge Quilters May 10, 2022 meeting

It was a very well attended meeting, as you can see by the candid shots of “the Room.” We welcomed our 4 new members.

There was the business meeting, committee reports, etc.

Cathy H – conducting the meeting

The program for the evening was Finishing Touches – Quilt Bindings and Labels. Participants Janice T, Sally M and Kathy W all showed labels of all kinds, including hand printed, machine embroidered, hand embroidered, and pre-printed labels on fabric.

Cynthia and David Y gave a binding demonstration with flange binding. Check it out on where you will find several helpful videos for this cool technique. Loretta T showed her lazy way of using Elmers Schoolhouse glue to affix a binding which she first saw demonstrated by Sharon Schamber on youtube (check for Binding the Angel, parts 1 and 2).

During the course of the meeting, there was, of course, Show and Tell. Ya gotta have show and tell for quilters to show off and share their work, as well as being able to appreciate the work of others.

The meeting was then adjourned to the refreshment room where there were a few nibbles and a lot of donated fabric to be had at very reasonable prices !! See you next month on the 14th, same time, same location.

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