Blue Ridge Quilters June 14, 2022 Meeting

The June meeting of the Blue Ridge Quilters was “different . . .” at least a bit in that it had been hot that day and the room had not cooled down yet. Ah, but we all survived and had a really good meeting. Attendance included three brand new members, who we welcome. Below are candid shots of the room.

The July meeting will be held picnic style at the home of a member. A list was passed around to put down what food items you intend to bring. If it has slipped your mind, you can email our hostess and she will be happy to remind you. We were told there is a swimming pool, so bring your swim suit if you want . . . I didn’t see any hands go up! lol NOTE: THE JULY MEETING WILL BEGIN AT 6:00PM RATHER THAN 6:30PM.

There was a membership vote on accepting honorary membership of two previous members, Jo B and Jan D, which passed unanimously.

Kathy Wickham needs help with the Ways and Means; it can be done on a limited time period basis so it doesn’t scare anyone off thinking they will always have the great pleasure of hauling around and storing books/magazines. Kathy will continue to handle the fabric so she will have it available for making kits, etc. All that is needed is a helpful heart, a dry storage area and a strong back . . . for a limited period of time.

There was also some discussion about possible future workshops and a reminder of the ongoing service projects, i.e. Scent Babies, Foster Children Quilts, NICU quilts, Ryan’s Cases for Smiles pillowcases, Adult Bibs and Fidget Quilts.

Then came everyone’s favorite, Show and Tell and ten people participated.
Janice T showed her Disappearing 9-Patch in two colors. Very nicely done.

Dawn W showed her mother’s quilt of some of the hand embroidered squares she had made. It was a beautiful tribute to her mother. She also showed some pillow cases and NICU blankets she had made.
Cynthia and David Y showed their Dream Weaver quilt
Carol D showed us a small zippered purse she had made with The American Sewing Guild, Roanoke chapter.
Cheryl E showed a Forest Friends quilt she had made – so cute!
Vickie H showed a very old quilt which needed repairs. She asked for suggestions on where to find replacement fabrics for some of the really bad spots, and Goodwill extra large men’s shirts was suggested.
Kitty Y showed a small Pat Sloan Stringbean Block quilt she had made, as well as a very pretty quilt she calls Oh, My Stars.
Cynthia L showed the completed quilt she has been working on for her brand new grandson.
Cathy H showed a “found” wool table topper which she had finish up. She also showed us a Heated Crayon quilt (Every time I get the urge to clean, I pull out my sewing machine) and explained the really cool process.
Lastly, Loretta T showed a completed Quilts of Valor quilt she had made using donated wonky stars along with blocks of printed fabric. David and Cynthia Y did a great job quilting it.

Be sure to tune in again next month for more fascinating goings-on with the Blue Ridge Quilters. See ya at 6:00pm on July 12.

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