BRQ January 2023 meeting

The meeting was well attended and after a brief business meeting, we got on with other things, like the program which was originally scheduled for November but was sidetracked by the Quilt Police. Really !! Then in December, all thoughts of serious sewing and quilting topics were forgotten in favor of a fun and games filled Christmas gathering. Finally, the “Quilt Tips That I Wish I Knew When I Began Quilting” program was underway. There were at least 15 valuable tips and tricks, all typed and handed out with room for notes. What a treasure to keep in your quilting room.

After all that serious talk, it was time to hand in community projects as well as pass out pre-cut kits for same provided by Kathy W. There were scent patches, fidget quilts, adult bibs and pillow cases handed in. Good work, Blue Ridge Quilters!

Kathy spoke further about a possible Round Robin event and asked for a show of hands of those who had participated in a previous Round Robin, and another for those who may be interested in doing a Round Robin in the near future. And she showed two of her completed Round Robin quilts.

And then it was time for Show and Tell, always exciting to see the beautiful items our fellow quilters have produced with their talented hands. Pictures follow.

The meeting was adjourned with everyone looking forward to meeting again in February.

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