BRQ Meeting May 9, 2023

The weather was just about perfect for gathering together a large group of quilters to meet and greet and share.

The meeting was opened by President Cathy H who went through the business meeting and minutes, money and mostly everything else was discussed and/or approved and seconded. The newsletter editor let out the news that her last issue would be July and asked that anyone interested in continuing the newsletter with their own style of reporting step forward. She said she will supply the necessary jpegs such as club logo, etc. She read once a saying that “Writing is easy, you just sit at a typewriter and bleed.” But let’s keep that between ourselves, huh? lol

The six participants in the Round Robin were called to the front and songs were sung and bags exchanged until someone yelled “Stop.” They all sat back down with their new bag so they could each apply a final border to the project inside before it will be returned to its rightful owner next month and each will reveal their “new quilt.” If you have never participated in a Round Robin, sign up for the next one and have some mind expanding fun !

At about this point, unexpectedly Dwight L and a woman holding a sheet cake entered the room. He walked over to his wife, Cynthia L and presented her with a single red rose, stating that she knew the meaning of that. He explained that May 9th was their 41st wedding anniversary and how proud of her he was for producing four sons and sticking with him in his many world travels and residences. We were all invited to partake of his gift of the anniversary cake!

Then Kathy W came to the front and began the program, Barn Quilts. She gave reference to magazines and articles relating to What is a Barn Quilt? Her “samples” included several fabrics printed with depictions of barn quilts and some plaques bearing likenesses of barn quilts. None of these, however, WERE barn quilts, but it was fun and informative to travel down some of the barn quilt trails in the south. And enough interest was shown to start planning a painted Barn Quilt workshop.

Finally it was time for Show & Tell. See the pictures here.

Remember Memorial Day and our brave armed forces. We look forward to seeing everyone again next month. Until then, happy quilting !

One thought on “BRQ Meeting May 9, 2023

  1. I enjoyed getting the newsletter – I would like to start coming to meetings again but I don’t remember where you meet and the time you meet – please let me know. Thanks. Mary Ann Maurelli

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