Newsletter, February, 2016

Welcome new members and visitors

Joining us in January were Lori Bier, Betty Luba, Jean Dittmann and Janet Martinez. Welcome ladies; don’t be strangers.

From the Treasurer:
If you missed the January meeting, please bring cash or a check made out to “Blue Ridge Quilters” to pay your 2016 dues. $20 covers a whole year of speakers, supplies for projects, and quilting inspiration with your friends. Thanks to everyone who paid last month!

We are still in need of an Historian, someone to take photographs each meeting of Show and Tell and any speaker events so these pictures may be included on the website.

Upcoming programs

February – Round Robin will begin at the February meeting. Anyone who would like to participate needs to bring: a center block, a quilt label with your name and room for 3 more names, and any special instructions (ex. I plan to make this a wall hanging. Please do not make it larger than 48”x 48”.) All these items are to be brought in a non-see-through bag. Remember the original owner of the center block must not see it until all three rounds have been added and we return it to the May meeting. Aw, come on . . . it will be fun !!

Also in February – We will begin piecing our community quilts, Falling Triangles (BRQG’s 2016 Community Service Project). We will be using February’s meeting to launch into and start sewing blocks for this year’s BRQG Community Service Project. Tina Dietz will introduce us to the “Falling Triangles Quilt” and teach us two different techniques for making the half-square triangles needed for the quilt’s blocks. She’ll then guide us in how to construct the blocks themselves. The goal is to use February’s meeting to have everyone learn how to make these simple but fun blocks, then afterward for everyone to make a few blocks at home each month and bring them to the meetings throughout the rest of the year.
We will be collecting and displaying the Community Service blocks at the guild meetings each month so we can see our progress, and also so everyone can see what fabrics are being used and have a better idea of what to use from their own stashes. Sometime in the Fall we will have a “sew-in” independent of a guild meeting, where those who wish to will gather to help assemble the blocks that have been collected into the actual Community Service quilts,eat snacks and fellowship. Who will be the recipients of these marvelous quilts? We will be discussing that during February’s meeting.

The background fabric for the community service quilts is being generously donated to us and is a white on white stripe.
Need to bring to February meeting:
— Fabric: a fat quarter or 9″ square of fabric*. If you have a 6.5″ Easy Angle Triangle, you could bring a 6″ x 18″ strip of fabric instead. Bring more fabric if you would like to! (Please make sure whatever you bring is colorfast!)
— Sewing Machine (and extension cord or power strip if you have one. Be sure you bring along your machine’s power cord, foot pedal, etc!)
— Acrylic rulers: 6″ x 24″, and a 12.5″ x 12.5″ square ruler (if you have one.)
— white or light neutral colored thread
— A sewing stiletto (That Purple Thang, the tip of seam ripper, or whatever you normally use for the purpose will work)
— Cutting mat, rotary cutter
— All of the usual sewing accoutrements: straight pins, seam ripper, scissors, etc.
— A couple of irons and ironing surfaces would be helpful if anyone would like to bring those. Tina will be bringing two of each.

March – Bring in a favorite tool and share how you use it and why you love it.

Also in March:
The Guild decorates the Library Display Case for March’s National Quilting Month. So, please bring some small items (pincushions, pattern books, quilting books, table runners, tools, small statuary, etc.) to the February meeting for the purpose of being on display for March. If the February meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather (see below), items can be brought to the Library by 10am on Monday, February 29th.

Summer – Silent Auction

Date to be determined – Field Trip !! It could be a Saturday trip to Boones Country Store in Boones Mill  and The General Store in SML.

Borrowed from Star Quilters newsletter:
Groundhog Day at the Virginia Quilt Museum
The Virginia Quilt Museum will re-open for this year on Groundhog Day (February 2nd).
Two new exhibits will open. There will be live quilt conservation demonstrations in the new “Conservation Lab.”
You can bring in a quilt from your collection for a “Talk About Quilts” assessment (no appointment necessary).
Children will have a Groundhog Day quilt block activity.
And for our movie buff guests, a free VQM pen or magnet to anyone who can tell us where in the movie “Groundhog Day” there is a special quilt sighting! A free guest pass is also yours if you can tell us what pattern is on the quilt in that scene!
* * * * *
Anyone who has a postage stamp quilt is invited to bring it to show when Kyra Hicks talks about “Franklin Roosevelt’s Postage Stamp Quilt” on Saturday, March 12, at 1:30 PM at St. Stephen’s Church, 358 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA.

Don’t forget there is a daytime handwork Bee at Carolyn Zaleski’s on the first Wednesday each month and newcomers are always welcome. Bring your handwork and your lunch and Carolyn provides dessert which is always something yummy. See Carolyn Zaleski for directions and further details and mark your calendar !

Upcoming shows and events:
(1) 2016 Quilt Show hosted by Patches & Pieces Quilt Club will be held on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 at Holy Cross Regional School 2125 Langhorn Road, Lynchburg, VA. Think about carpooling so you and your quilting buddies can enjoy a day of Magic of Fabric & Thread, this year’s theme. There will be over 300 traditional and contemporary quilts on display, as well as plenty of items in the boutique, door prizes, raffles, vendors and interactive hands-on activities for children to enjoy! Donation $5.00, students 12 and over $3.00, under age 12 free.

(2) April 1 & 2, 2016
Lake Quilters Guild Quilt show “Celebrating Quilting 2016”
Come join the fun and vote for your favorite quilts! Members will provide technique demonstrations and displays. A drawing will be held for two beautiful raffle quilts: “SML 50th Anniversary” and “Something to Cherish”. Door prizes will be announced every hour.
Trinity Ecumenical Parish, 40 Lakemount Drive, Moneta, Virginia.
Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Admission is a $5.00 donation. Children under 12 are admitted FREE.

(3) Also, Loretta will be conducting a 2-part One Block Wonder class at Creative Quilting Connection on Friday, Feb. 19th and Friday, March 4th from 10am to 3pm. Call or go by  the shop for more details (540-774-1540) and a supply list; there are OBW quilts hanging in the shop. This is a surprisingly easy quilt to make with no Y seams, and each block is an adventure and each quilt quite unique.

In Closing:
Be sure to check the website,, for pictures and a recap of recent meetings and Show and Tell. If you click on the little blue box in the lower right corner and fill in your email address, you will receive an email any time the site is updated so it will be easier to keep up to date with what is going on if you are unable to attend meetings or when you are away.

From “Shine On, Beautiful Soul!” a book for friends.
Friendship is the fruit gathered from the trees planted in the rich soil of love, and nurtured with tender care and understanding.
Alma L. Weixelbaum

In accordance with our By-Laws: In case of inclement weather we will follow the closing schedule of Botetourt County Schools. Missed meetings will not be rescheduled.

Newsletter Editor, Loretta Twiford

January, 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone !!
Welcome 2016 !

In accordance with our new By-Laws, annual dues of $20 are payable in January. To borrow from our July, 2015 newsletter, your dues support our charity projects; they pay guest speakers; they help us budget programs for the year; they let us go on field trips and hold workshops, and they give you voting privileges. Your dues do matter !

The proposed By-Laws were approved at the December meeting, and election of officers was held with the following result. Welcome our new officers, who will hold office for a two (2) year period.

President – Kathy Woods
Vice President – Kathy Wickham
Secretary – Janice Taylor
Treasurer – Louise Jargowsky

Volunteer Committee lists were handed in. Committee volunteers may remain in place for two (2) years, or as long as they desire. If you would like to volunteer on a committee, please let Loretta Twiford know.

Programs – Kathy Wickham, Tina Dietz
Publicity – Carolyn Zaleski
Membership – Ann Ware, Victoria Person, Louise Jargowsky, Claire Hightower
*Historian – __________
Newsletter – Loretta Twiford
Nominating – appointed by President
Audit – Cynthia Luedtke, Claire Hightower

*There is still a need for an Historian (picture taker).

From the Program Committee:
In January, a program on Round Robin will give you a chance to think about participating in the round robin beginning in February. If you have participated in a previous round robin, please bring your completed project.
Tina will present an idea for February and we will be talking about ideas for the rest of the year (gee, the wording makes it sound like a lot of talking, doesn’t it?).

Who, me?
Think about joining a committee, helping with program ideas,  presenting a program, or if you know someone who would like to present a program, share your ideas with Kathy Wickham or Tina Dietz.
Your help is needed for the upcoming Sampler Blocks of the Month; if you would like to provide two block patterns to share with guild members one month, please let Program Committee members know.
Bring in a favorite quilting related item that you got for Christmas for share and tell. Let your items spur some ideas for future guild meetings.
Welcome new members
The dues for Blue Ridge Quilters Guild is $20 annually, payable in January. For new members joining after June, dues for the remainder of the year will be $10.

Community quilt project
Stay tuned for updates as to time and place for a Sew-In.

Upcoming shows and events
Not quite a quilting occasion, but you may remember him . . .

The Botetourt VFW Hall will host an Elvis Birthday Show on Friday, Jan. 8, at 7 p.m. Elvis would have been 81 years old if he had lived.

Also, our very own Jo Bell will be having a birthday on January 8th. We wish you a very happy birthday, Jo, and many happy returns !!

Virginia Quilt Museum – February 2 – May 7, 2016
Quilt Exhibits at the Virginia Quilt Museum
Three Decades of a Quilting Friendship
Well-known quiltmakers and fabric designers from northern Virginia, Constance Norton and Violet Cavazos curate this exhibit of quilts they have designed together over the past 30 years.

Quilt Study of Civil War Era Quilts
by the American Quilt Study Group (November through mid-March 2016) Responding to the 2014 theme of the American Civil War, quiltmakers created quilts copied from, or inspired by, existing Civil War quilts.

Mary Spitzer Etter Collection
A graduate of James Madison University and a local school teacher in Rockingham County for four decades, Mary Spitzer Etter was not only a quiltmaker but an inspiration to countless young students.

Virginia Quilt Museum, 301 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg,VA 22801
(read more here: )
Now through January 2016
Welcome to My World of Color
Gwen Goepel’s eclectic style comes from utilizing numerous techniques, often including surface design, thread sketching/painting and dense machine quilting. A recurring ‘theme’ in her work is her exciting use of Color!
She prefers to work with an improvisational approach, creating as she goes! Gwen is open to experimentation and ‘what’s new’, yet also includes tried and true ‘traditional’ quilting approaches, constantly educating and challenging herself to improve.
Her inspiration is widespread… in everyday ordinary things, nature, photographs, museums, her travels, publications, the Internet and all types of Art in general.
Oddfellas Cantina, 110 N. Locust St., Floyd, VA
To keep abreast of all the quilt news and happenings in SW Virginia, go to and sign up for their email newsletter.

From Pat Sloan:
From *my online classroom a GREAT hack* for old calendars! (Christy M)
I was going around the house changing the calendars. My granddaughter was there and I shared the pictures from the calendar with her. Then, a lighting bolt hit me, yep, still standing. If I cut all the numbers out of the calendars, I will have a way to organize the block pieces, blocks, and rows of a quilt. Just like the alphabet that is sold for the same purpose. Then, I took it a step further and cut out the months to use to pin to projects I want to do during that month. I think I will find a cute jelly jar to put them in when not in use. Happy New Year to all!

In Closing
Remember to check our website, to keep up with what’s coming up and what has already happened. If you click on the little blue button in the bottom right corner and type in your email address, you will receive an email any time the site is updated. Saves typing that long address each time. Whew !!

 A true friend inspires you
 to believe the best of yourself,
 to keep pursuing your deepest dreams.
(From Shine on, Beautiful Soul)


No cutting or sewing tonight ladies….just sit back and enjoy the special program Ruth Ann has arranged for us……….

Martha Akers will be the featured speaker for our April 14th meeting. ( Blue Ridge Library – 6:30pm).
On any given day, Martha is weaving beads in the intricate art known as Kumihimo, a Japanese form of braiding or designing, painting, appliquéing and quilting her award-winning wall hangings. She is a retired Home Economics teacher and is still teaching quilting via the Internet. She says “There is no reason to be bored”. She teaches classes at Quilt University in New Zealand by web mail.
She’s not content only to appliqué a design for a quilt and machine quilt it. Martha uses dyes and other coloring techniques to add interest to her quilts. Sometimes she combines beading and quilting. This will be a very interesting program and we thank Ruth Ann for bringing Martha to our meeting.

Also on tonight’s agenda will be Show and Tell and row #4 of our Mystery Quilt. Can’t wait to see what Kathy & Victoria have in store for us this month. Be sure to bring your completed row #3 for everyone to see.

If time permits we will review and discuss the by-laws which I will send out this week. Please take a few minutes to review them and jot down any questions. We will be establishing by-laws for our group to insure we grow and improve in the years of quilting and fellowship to come. The by-laws I will be sending are from the Star and Lake Quilters.

“Dear God, I am sometimes all need, and you are always all-sufficient. When I apply Your sufficiency to my need, I am ready to see another’s need, to love more than tolerate, to accept more than judge. Amen.

BRQG Newsletter September 2014

For this month:
Our meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at the Blue Ridge Library at 6:30. The program will be on Modern Style Quilts and the presenters will be Pat Lingle and Gayla Heath from the Star Quilters Guild in Roanoke.…….
Please bring your show and tells and “Get ‘er Done” projects to show the group. Also, if you completed last month’s Rag Fabric Basket, please bring it to show the group.
More information:
Please email back any good ideas you have for our Guild.  We are always looking to improve and appreciate our members support.
Also, if you change your email address, please let us know so you can continue to receive the Blue Ridge Quilters  Newsletter.
Did you know we have a blog? Check it out at Thank you Loretta Twiford.
Kathy Wickham wants to remind everyone that there are still a few slots open for the Star Quilters Retreat to be held  at Camp Alta Mons in Shawsville. Please contact Kathy at  427-1424 if you are interested. The dates are 9/20-9/21. Cost is $75. If you only want to attend on Saturday, the cost is $20 and that includes lunch and the workshop.
Happening Next:
October’s meeting will be our Silent Auction.  Start cleaning out all the quilting related goodies you bought and never used. This is a fundraiser for our guild, so please participate and support your guild.
“I’m working on my PhD in Sewing”.
(Projects Half Done)!