BRQG Community Quilts March, 2014

Nearby are some photos of the work session making Community Quilts from the Rosie Posey pattern. The quilts turned out really cute !! Another job well done, ladies !

Some kits were for boys and the centers would portray playing balls; the girls would get regular flower posies.

Community quilts-4

A sample completed project

Community quilts-3

Laying out and choosing fabrics

Community quilts-2

hmmm . . . what goes together here ???

Let me cut you some !

Community quilts-1

Kits ready for the taking

BRQG Meeting, Sept. 8, 2015

September’s meeting was fun and productive, too, as well as being yummy !! As folks arrived, their tasty treats were deposited on the tables by the windows.

A spontaneous story telling began and when it had gone around the group, there had been many laughs and several sad stories. I really don’t remember a lot of business being discussed, and we pretty much got right down to Show and Tell (see pictures nearby) where folks showed projects being worked on, caught up with and finally done !

Kathy Wickham then handled the Orphan Block Exchange where orphan blocks which had been turned in are pinned to the end of interminable strings in a bag and you just start pulling on one to replace the one you brought. Whew !! Everyone got some really interesting orphan blocks to dream up new and creative uses for.

After Show and Tell came snack time and we all lined up to partake of the goodies. As we munched and chatted, it was time to get down to a serious matter of sharing and discussing proposed By-Laws for the group. Blue Ridge Quilters Guild has been an informal gathering of like-minded individuals for a number of years; a committee of four members recently began meeting to come up with a set of By-Laws for the Guild, which are posted nearby. Please feel free to click on them and print out a copy for yourself. In order to make the By-Laws work, individuals are asked to step forward and participate in filling various positions. The only elected officers will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, with a limit of one 2-year term for each office; all committee positions are strictly voluntary and can be held as long as desired. By limiting the term of office, it is felt like there will be no more inevitable burn-out of the one at the front of the room and the Guild will run more smoothly. An Executive Board will be comprised of the four elected officers and all committee chairs; this Board will be the main governance of the Guild and will meet four times each year. Business will be discussed at the Board meetings and we won’t have to take up valuable Guild meeting time with business.

If you have comments, suggestions or direction for the By-Laws, please make one of the following people aware: Kathy Woods, Carol Zaleski, Louise Jargowski, or Loretta Twiford.



Interest abounding

8-Kathy Woods

Kathy Woods Confederate quilt

7-Kathy Woods

Jan Duus doggie quilt

6-Claire Hightower VA quilt

Claire Hightower Mystery Row personalized quilt

5-Janice Taylor

Janice Taylor Mystery Row Quilt with Row-by-Row added

4 Robin

Robin Bailey first completed quilt since returning to Roanoke

3-Jo Bell

Jo Bell Mystery Row quilt

2-Loretta Twiford

Loretta Twiford Mystery Row Quilt

1-snack buffet


ByLaws follow; please feel free to click on each page and print out for your own perusal.

BRQG ByLaws pg 1

BRQG ByLaws pg2

BRQG ByLaws pg3

BRQG ByLaws pg 4

BRQG ByLaws pg 5