BRQ Show & Tell 3-14-2023 addendum

In yesterday’s post of the Blue Ridge Quilters March 14th meeting, I mentioned that the Show & Tell pictures were not complete and this is the correction for that. First is Janice T’s beautiful Let Freedom Ring quilt, which is shown displayed on her guest bed. Well done, Janice.

The second picture is a better shot of Sharon M’s Cat panel Ragged Edge lap quilt. Sharon said she did not want to stitch over the center panel, so she tied the panel instead. The nice thing about Ragged Edge quilts is the more they are laundered, the fluffier the ragged edges become. Very cute.

A reminder about the Star Quilters show this Friday (from 9am to 5pm) and Saturday (from 9am to 4pm) at Berglund Center. At 2pm each day there will be 4 Quilts of Valor presentations to veterans who were touched by war. Whilst you are browsing all the beautiful quilts, don’t overlook the vendors! And there will be door prizes . . . oh my. Hope to see you there.

BRQ Meeting 3-14-2023

After the business meeting, several things transpired. There was an intro to Round Robin with two new participants, and an invitation to others who may wish to join in to bring their centers to the next meeting in a non-see-thru bag with a firm closure (velcro, zipper, snaps, whatever). Then an exchange will be made and the Round Robin will get underway.

There were members who turned in various charity projects like NICU blankets, Scent squares, Adult Bibs, Pillow Cases for Ryan’s Cases For Smiles, etc. and a request was made for Fidget Quilts (placemat size base with buttons, zippers, velcro, lace, elastic, pockets, anything washable that a hand could touch and fidget with). Kathy W is keeping track of the number of items turned in each meeting.

Then there was the Program, Cynthia L demonstrated and those seven who brought a machine followed along for the Make and Take Rug Mug project. There was some confusion in the air because it was a method we had not seen before, but soon we all got it under control and produced our finished projects. Good job, Cynthia ! There was an oopsie when one sewer discovered she had neglected to include the machine’s power cord in her gear!

Then came Show and Tell, everyone’s favorite part of the evening. I must apologize for two missing photos; those of Laura P’s NICU quilt and Janice T’s Let Freedom Ring quilt.

It was a cold and windy night we went into at the close of the meeting, wishing each other well until April 11 when we meet again, same time, same place. Hope to see you there !! Until then, happy quilting.

BRQ Feb 14, 2023 meeting

The Blue Ridge Quilters met for the first time in the brand new Our Savior Lutheran Church on Cloverdale Road in Troutville. It is a beautiful building and the meeting room is roomy. well lit and easily held the February attendance of 33, plus Ways & Means table.

First, we were welcomed to the brand new facility by Our Savior Lutheran Church member, Dwight Luedtke:

Here are lots of pictures of our members enjoying the facility:

As part of the program for the evening, Laura P gave an excellent talk on “What I Learned from Making Quilts for the Alzheimer’s Quilt Initiative” together with illustrations of quilts she had made and that others in the program had made. Laura was a beginner quilter at the time. A very interesting experience indeed.

Blue Ridge Quilters are about to begin a Round Robin and as an introduction, several members brought examples of previous round robins. Members who would like to participate are welcome to bring their center blocks to the March meeting in a non-see-thru bag for an exchange.

Before you begin a Round Robin, you must first choose your center piece, be it a simple block, a more elaborate block or a panel and all participants gather for a “Before” photo. You put your center piece into a non-see thru bag with a firm closure, along with a paper stating instructions and a place for the name of each of the border contributors. Then, because it is “Round Robin” you gather in a circle and exchange bags until a designated person outside the circle says “Stop.” Whatever bag you end up with is what you take home, add a border (either simple or elaborate) and bring the bag back the next month where the exchange is done again. Here are pictures of the Before participants so far. At the March meeting there will be added participants – yep, and more pictures!

Carolyn Z showed a Quilts of Valor quilt that members of Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers who reside at The Glebe had made from scraps and a few donated blocks. They did a beautiful job.

And then it was time for everyone’s favorite, Show and Tell.

And, it was time for the Valentine’s Day meeting to come to an end, until March 14, 2023 when we will meet again in our beautiful, roomy and well lit meeting room. We hope to see you then,

Until then:

Mark your calendars for Saturday March 11, 2023! Blue Ridge Quilters Ways and Means Sale from 9 am til Noon  at Rockingham Court UMC, 4615 Bryan Rd., Roanoke, VA.

Come see all the fabric and books and quilting goodies we have for sale. Bring a friend or two or more!

If anyone can help set up for the sale, we will be setting out the fabrics, etc from 2 – 5 pm on Friday the 10th. Pre-sale shopping is allowed if you help set up

BRQ Jan 2023 mtg Correction

I recently posted a picture with an incorrect caption which read “Carol Z showing Quilts of Valor quilt made by members of Roanoke QOV Stitchers.” The caption should have read “Carol Z showing Quilts of Valor quilt made by Star Quilters Guild members Gayla H and Joyce N.” The quilt is truly beautiful and proper credit should be given to the two ladies who made it. My apologies, ladies. The quilt is shown below.

BRQ January 2023 meeting

The meeting was well attended and after a brief business meeting, we got on with other things, like the program which was originally scheduled for November but was sidetracked by the Quilt Police. Really !! Then in December, all thoughts of serious sewing and quilting topics were forgotten in favor of a fun and games filled Christmas gathering. Finally, the “Quilt Tips That I Wish I Knew When I Began Quilting” program was underway. There were at least 15 valuable tips and tricks, all typed and handed out with room for notes. What a treasure to keep in your quilting room.

After all that serious talk, it was time to hand in community projects as well as pass out pre-cut kits for same provided by Kathy W. There were scent patches, fidget quilts, adult bibs and pillow cases handed in. Good work, Blue Ridge Quilters!

Kathy spoke further about a possible Round Robin event and asked for a show of hands of those who had participated in a previous Round Robin, and another for those who may be interested in doing a Round Robin in the near future. And she showed two of her completed Round Robin quilts.

And then it was time for Show and Tell, always exciting to see the beautiful items our fellow quilters have produced with their talented hands. Pictures follow.

The meeting was adjourned with everyone looking forward to meeting again in February.

BRQ December 13, 2022 meeting

The final get together for the year 2022 . . . although it brings an end to a year, we all look forward to the fellowship, fun, silly but challenging games brought by Kathy W and tasty snacks provided by everyone. It was a fruitful and fun meeting.

One of the highlights of any meeting, of course, is Show and Tell as well as members showing the items made for Community Service projects.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment, starting out with Community Service Fidget quilts.

Then it was time for Show & Tell, always beautiful and interesting.

Game time !! Go, Kathy W

The Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers made and donated direction signs for when we are meeting in the new location. And, there were tasty refreshments where everyone brought some sort of finger food. Always yummy and satisfying.

Oh, and Happy New Year, looking forward to a productive 2023 where we practice our quilt making skills both for ourselves and equally important, for the benefit of others.

Hope to see everyone at our January 10 meeting, hopefully in the new location, so be sure to watch for the January newsletter !!

BRQ Meeting Nov. 8, 2022

The weather was cool but still very nice when the Blue Ridge Quilters gathered to meet. There was a lot of socializing until the meeting was called to order. A business meeting followed and then it was time for the scheduled program, Quilting Tips I Wish I Knew When I Began Quilting, presented by Kathy W.

Everything was going along well when we all heard a loud bang – some likened it to a gunshot, others to the door being broken down . . . uhhhh. But, Kathy just went along with what she was saying. Suddenly into the room strode Cathy H dressed in a uniform and as she entered into the room, she was saying (in an increased volume of voice), This is the Virginia State Quilting Police and I have some questions for you, Kathy. At this point, the gathering relaxed and enjoyed the interrogation. The Quilting Police officer presented a whole list of accusations about such things as Kathy did not always launder her fabric before use; there were times when her points were actually lost when piecing; deviations were made from printed patterns; and on and on. To each of the accusations Kathy presented a rather weak but plausible reason/excuse for her practices with which the group agreed and in some cases even exposed themselves to possible future detainment and interrogation by the heretofore believed to be unreal Quilting Police.

Then came the confession that the whole skit had been cooked up between Kathy and Cathy and the scheduled November program would be presented at the January meeting.

After the very entertaining (and informative) “program” it was time for Show and Tell.

This is a quilt shown by Carol Z as a possible new design to be made by Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers.

The meeting was adjourned pretty early but we all left with a smile on our face and looking forward to the next meeting on December 13 when it will be a Christmas party with refreshments and quilting games galore.

From a 2015 BRQ post:
“Dear God, I am sometimes all need, and you are always all-sufficient. When I apply Your sufficiency to my need, I am ready to see another’s need, to love more than tolerate, to accept more than judge. Amen.

Roanoke QOV Stitchers, Oct 20, 2022

The group met in the new location for the third time, Fire Station #1 in Roanoke, VA, where there is plenty of room, plenty of light and lots of plugs in the floor. And lots of comradery while the sewing machines hum and the irons get pressing.

As always, the group was busy making blocks for quilts which will be assembled, quilted and awarded to local veterans who have been touched by war. In the year that this group has been assembled, there have been 24 quilts awarded and an ever expanding list of veterans who have been nominated by loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

It is a privilege to be a part of this organization and have a small part in providing comfort and thanking those brave men and women who have put it all on the line to protect this amazing country.

BRQ October 2022 Meeting

Oh, great gosh and golly day, the meeting was attended by 23 members and 3 guests. It must have been the great weather, or that at least some of our members (think Vera B here) have been getting the word out about this fun group! Thank you Vera.

There was a business meeting and then community service projects were gathered. There were the adult bibs, pillow case and fidget quilt collected last month, along with a new pile of NICU quilts, scent babies and Kathy W handed out kits for 6.5″ flannel squares for the NICU babies (like a small scent baby), convenient for Mom or Dad to hold next to their skin for several hours so the baby will not lose the bond between baby and parents. The Super Size Nine Patch NICU blankets pattern was included in all New Member Packets.

If not efficient and well presented, at least the program (presented by member Loretta T) was entertaining and the attendees seemed to enjoy seeing and learning more about One Block Wonder Quilts. OBW’s can be quite addictive for sure, but when Janice T pointed out a man on the internet who had made more than 90 of them, my jaw dropped. Whew !! He seemed to enjoy playing with the colors and trying every imaginable way to arrange the hexies to show off the fabric colors. There are many books available on making, embellishing and otherwise One Block Wonder quilts. The basics were completely overlooked in the presentation, but . . . the best results are generally with a fabric that has a 24″ length of fabric design repeat (24 inches between the top of one character printed on the length of fabric to the top of the next identical character printed on the length of fabric). Beautiful pieces have been made from 12″ repeats and even some 6″ repeats, but usually the wider the repeat the better the result because there will be fewer instances of duplicate hexies. At this point in the narrative, it was pointed out that you really must purchase one of the OBW books by Maxine Rosenthal because she gives much better instruction and you will want to keep the book for your next OBW. As Dawn W said, the first one might not turn out exactly as wonderful as it might have if you had played with it a bit more and/or had a plan in mind. Trust me, she knows whereof she speaks. And once you have dabbled in the OBW waters, the way you look at fabric will change – forever! But in a good way. And then the crazy speaker had door prize drawings and gave what she considered suitable OBW fabrics to the unsuspecting. If that fabric does not end up in an OBW, at least free fabric is free fabric after all!! LOL

And then it was time for Show and Tell where members could share OBW’s they had made.

Once again, thanks for dropping by this fun group of quilters who believe any time is a great time for a good time spent with quilty friends.

BRQ Sept 13, 2022 meeting

Ooops . . . kinda slipped up by not putting the September meeting on the net !! Yikes !!

It was a great meeting where there were 15 members and one guest in attendance. Even so, the charitable projects were abundant, with senior bibs, scent babies, fidget quilt, pillow cases, oh my, being turned in. Good job, ladies !!

There must be close to a dozen members of Blue Ridge Quilters who have Featherweight sewing machines and love them. The speaker, Mary Houseman, spoke about Featherweight sewing machines and also had displayed at least half a dozen of her (as it turns out, many) Featherweight machines. Her talk included noting differences between the many machines (who knew?), years of manufacture, features and functions, which was all received by a very rapt audience. Ms. Houseman indicated that she both buys and sells Featherweight machines and is available for information. Something we all found very interesting and just too sweet is that she also sews and makes little teddy bears – yes, with her Featherweight machines. Anyone interested was welcome to her sweet little teddy bear pattern, and several took advantage of the opportunity.

Following are photos of charitable projects as well as those participating in Show & Tell.

Thanks for dropping by.