BRQ Meeting Nov. 8, 2022

The weather was cool but still very nice when the Blue Ridge Quilters gathered to meet. There was a lot of socializing until the meeting was called to order. A business meeting followed and then it was time for the scheduled program, Quilting Tips I Wish I Knew When I Began Quilting, presented by Kathy W.

Everything was going along well when we all heard a loud bang – some likened it to a gunshot, others to the door being broken down . . . uhhhh. But, Kathy just went along with what she was saying. Suddenly into the room strode Cathy H dressed in a uniform and as she entered into the room, she was saying (in an increased volume of voice), This is the Virginia State Quilting Police and I have some questions for you, Kathy. At this point, the gathering relaxed and enjoyed the interrogation. The Quilting Police officer presented a whole list of accusations about such things as Kathy did not always launder her fabric before use; there were times when her points were actually lost when piecing; deviations were made from printed patterns; and on and on. To each of the accusations Kathy presented a rather weak but plausible reason/excuse for her practices with which the group agreed and in some cases even exposed themselves to possible future detainment and interrogation by the heretofore believed to be unreal Quilting Police.

Then came the confession that the whole skit had been cooked up between Kathy and Cathy and the scheduled November program would be presented at the January meeting.

After the very entertaining (and informative) “program” it was time for Show and Tell.

This is a quilt shown by Carol Z as a possible new design to be made by Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers.

The meeting was adjourned pretty early but we all left with a smile on our face and looking forward to the next meeting on December 13 when it will be a Christmas party with refreshments and quilting games galore.

From a 2015 BRQ post:
“Dear God, I am sometimes all need, and you are always all-sufficient. When I apply Your sufficiency to my need, I am ready to see another’s need, to love more than tolerate, to accept more than judge. Amen.