BRQG Sew-In Part 2

Thank you, everyone, for coming out and getting so much work done ! We got 3 bindings on, one quilt sandwich complete which Louise Jargowsky took home to quilt, one more sandwich waiting for the backing Tina was creating and I think 2 more battings sized, joined and ready for tops and backings. Whew ! Lots done in less than 3 hours !

Be sure to attend the September meeting to join Pat Lingle and Gayla Heath for some time saving tricks to make multiple gifts for friends and family. See you on the 13th.

BRQG Sew-In Aug 18, 2016

We had a good time today and were really productive. There were tables and chairs and ironing board with iron and sewing machines humming, oh my ! Tina brought the Falling Triangle blocks we had all participated in making and we got busy laying them out and started sewing them together. Altogether we actually completed four (4) quilt tops and there  are two (2) more underway but we ran out of time !

Those attending today were Tina Dietz, Program Committee; Janice Taylor, Secretary; Loretta Twiford, Newsletter; and Claire Hightower, Membership Committee. Hmmmm, did you notice anything there? Everyone is an officer of some sort . . . gee, wonder where the regular troops were. Ah, well, as it turned out there were enough folks to use the blocks that were donated; at 36 blocks per quilt and 6 quilt tops, that’s a total of 216 blocks. Good job on making the blocks, ladies !

Here are some pictures from today. Oh, Tina is not really under the table, it just looks like it. And that is not Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” – Claire really was there and somehow I failed to capture her loveliness on film. Sorry, Claire. Anyway, on with the pictures !

Remember, there will be another Sew-In at the Library on the 30th from 6p to 9p. See ya there !!

ps I believe if you click on a photo it will open to a scroll screen with titles. I think.  lol

BRQG Meeting, August 9, 2016

It was a working meeting for sure, and there was a good turn-out which included one visitor. Vice President, Kathie Wickham, began the meeting a bit differently with Show & Tell; see pictures of our talented quilters nearby. Good job, ladies.

Next was our BOM project, with those who brought them showing last months blocks, which were volunteered by Secretary, Janice Taylor. Sure hope you were able to see the king-sized grin on her face when she saw the completed blocks ! Then came Newsletter Editor Loretta Twiford presenting the two BOMs for next month, Churn Dash and Garden Path. Hope to see a lot of completed blocks in September ! (I didn’t mean for my pic to be so large but it is a good picture . . . thanks, Ann)

The rest of the evening was busy with Program Committee person Tina Dietz explaining and demonstrating Tangle Quilting designs. Tina drew them on the erasable white board and the seven sewers in the room valiantly attempted to duplicate those designs in thread on our practice pieces. There were two “perfect”s in the room and some “what happened?” but everyone at least tried this different method of fill quilting. It is very attractive and Tina did a great job in making it look simple and easy. She had quite a few sample books and two excellent sample pieces that she had sewn. I can honestly say that it did boost my confidence to try this method again and again until I can get a “perfect” or even a “pretty good.”


One of Tina’s Tangle Quilting Samples

And don’t miss out on the upcoming Sew-In to assemble the Falling Triangle quilt tops which will be donated to Woodhaven Nursing Home. Tina says there were 240 blocks turned in so we will need a lot of sewers, ironers, and go-fers. The first session will be Thursday August 18 at the Library from 10a-2p. Be sure to bring your sewing machine with white or beige thread, full bobbins, and other sewing paraphernalia. Oh, and your lunch! The second session will be in the evening on Tuesday, August 30th from 6p-9p. Hope to see all of you at at least one of these sessions; they are always a good time. Below is a sample of what we will be doing.


Claire Hightower’s Falling Triangles

Next month’s program will be “Quick and Easy Gifts for the Holidays.”
Join Pat and Gayla for some time saving tricks to make multiple gifts for friends and family. Bring scissors and hand sewing notions, plus paper to take notes. There will not be handouts but some kits will be available. Also there will be a Pat and Gayla stash reduction sale. We will have fabric and kits at bargain prices so bring some cash or checks in case you find something you want to take home.