BRQ December 13, 2022 meeting

The final get together for the year 2022 . . . although it brings an end to a year, we all look forward to the fellowship, fun, silly but challenging games brought by Kathy W and tasty snacks provided by everyone. It was a fruitful and fun meeting.

One of the highlights of any meeting, of course, is Show and Tell as well as members showing the items made for Community Service projects.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment, starting out with Community Service Fidget quilts.

Then it was time for Show & Tell, always beautiful and interesting.

Game time !! Go, Kathy W

The Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers made and donated direction signs for when we are meeting in the new location. And, there were tasty refreshments where everyone brought some sort of finger food. Always yummy and satisfying.

Oh, and Happy New Year, looking forward to a productive 2023 where we practice our quilt making skills both for ourselves and equally important, for the benefit of others.

Hope to see everyone at our January 10 meeting, hopefully in the new location, so be sure to watch for the January newsletter !!

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