BRQ Meeting, July 12, 2022

And what a meeting it was . . . held at a member’s home which included a swimming pool, enjoyed by several of the members. The rest of us had decided our “girlish figures” had matured somewhat beyond showing off. LOL

The evening included a short business meeting, and then there was the food !! Yea ! There was BBQ pork provided by the hostess (cooked by her husband) and members attending brought a wide assortment of side dishes including meat, salads of all makes, veggie trays, and desserts, oh my. The two July birthday members got to go first in line – tee hee, that was me and Susan V. We made a b-line for the BBQ pork, and was it ever delicious.

Here are some pictures of “the room” and those attending.

After the meal, there was the judging of adult bibs made by the members which had been laid out and numbered; we all voted in 4 categories (as shown in the picture), most appropriate for a male (Cheryl E), most fun (Barbara F), most appropriate for a female (Mary H), and Viewer’s Choice (Vera B). Plus, there was a fifth prize for the one who made the most adult bibs, won by Cathy H. The photo of the happy winners modeling their adult bibs is nearby. These adult bibs are donated to Good Samaritan Hospice; the residents enjoy using them and the staff really like them, too.

Here are some pattern leads for adult bibs which you may want to copy and paste into your browser:

a page of free sewing patterns for adult bibs:

a free adult bib pattern:

Adult Bib Winners, Cheryl E (most appropriate for a male), Barbara F (most fun), Mary H (most appropriate for a female, Vera B (Viewer’s Choice)

There was also an impromptu showing of Quilts of Valor quilts. The first is a yet to be completed quilt top made by Mary B for her Marine Corps son. She took a panel and built out on it and it is beautiful, even at this point. Mary was unaware that her effort could be a Quilt of Valor until Carol Z talked with her about the organization and awarding quilts, etc. Then Carol Z showed two completed quilts made by some of the Roanoke Quilts of Valor Stitchers who reside at the Glebe in Roanoke. They are beautiful also. Pictures nearby.

Just after the QOV show and tell, it was time for me to leave the meeting due to a storm coming. It is my understanding the the meeting did break up with the thunder boomers and before the deluge of much needed rainfall.

Until next month, happy quilting.

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