BRQ Meeting 3-14-2023

After the business meeting, several things transpired. There was an intro to Round Robin with two new participants, and an invitation to others who may wish to join in to bring their centers to the next meeting in a non-see-thru bag with a firm closure (velcro, zipper, snaps, whatever). Then an exchange will be made and the Round Robin will get underway.

There were members who turned in various charity projects like NICU blankets, Scent squares, Adult Bibs, Pillow Cases for Ryan’s Cases For Smiles, etc. and a request was made for Fidget Quilts (placemat size base with buttons, zippers, velcro, lace, elastic, pockets, anything washable that a hand could touch and fidget with). Kathy W is keeping track of the number of items turned in each meeting.

Then there was the Program, Cynthia L demonstrated and those seven who brought a machine followed along for the Make and Take Rug Mug project. There was some confusion in the air because it was a method we had not seen before, but soon we all got it under control and produced our finished projects. Good job, Cynthia ! There was an oopsie when one sewer discovered she had neglected to include the machine’s power cord in her gear!

Then came Show and Tell, everyone’s favorite part of the evening. I must apologize for two missing photos; those of Laura P’s NICU quilt and Janice T’s Let Freedom Ring quilt.

It was a cold and windy night we went into at the close of the meeting, wishing each other well until April 11 when we meet again, same time, same place. Hope to see you there !! Until then, happy quilting.

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