National Quilting Day Event Pt 2

Here is part 2 with more photos of the National Quilting Day Event held by Blue Ridge Quilters on March 14th at Colonial Baptist Church in Blue Ridge, VA. We hope you will enjoy these photos showing quilts on display, trunk show, Marietta Price speaking and the yummy lunches prepared by the youth of the church.

We all would like thank Marietta Price of Bargain Barn Fabrics in Montvale, who spoke to us about art quilts and showed us several samples of her work, including the vest she was wearing, all of which were beautiful. Thank you Marietta for an entertaining, informative and inspirational talk.

National Quilting Day Event Pt 1

The Blue Ridge Quilters held a National Quilting Day Event on March 14th at Colonial Baptist Church in Blue Ridge, VA. There were a few bumps along the road but all in all it was a great day and I believe everyone who attended was happy they had. There were many quilts and quilted items displayed, door prizes galore, goodie bags for everyone, an impromptu trunk show by two of the members and a yummy lunch prepared by the youth of the church. There was even a quilt which had been made and quilted by the members of Blue Ridge Quilters which was won by Kelly Zuber, a member of Star Quilters. She wrote a lovely thank you note which included a photo. You can see these nearby.

“Thank you, Blue Ridge Quilters!  My name is Kelly Zuber and I am the lucky winner of your National Quilt Day Raffle Quilt.  I love the quilt so much!  I have three bedrooms in my home with antique queen size beds in each of them.  I love displaying beautiful quilts on those beds, and your raffle quilt looks fabulous!   I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the work all of you put into the construction and quilting of this beautiful work of art.  I know it is always a leap of faith when you give away or raffle a quilt.  Will the recipient appreciate the time and hard work that went into making it?   Please know that as a fellow quilter and member of the Star Quilters Guild in Roanoke I truly value this quilt and will care for it just like you would your own quilts.  Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful heirloom.  I feel very lucky to have it. ”

NQD quilt winner

Blue Ridge Quilters sincerely thank each and every one who attended as well as those members who worked together to make this event a grand success.

And so, without further ado, let’s just jump into the multitude of photos which were taken that day. There were three different members taking pictures and they are all here for your viewing. Looks like there will be a Part 2 because of so many pictures ! Stay tuned.

BRQG March 10, 2020 Mtg

Gee, the meeting seems like so long ago – oh, wait, it has been two weeks already ! Great gosh and golly. Well, it was an excellent meeting to be sure, and Show and Tell was amazing, as always. Let’s get right to it !

And, on Saturday, March 14th, the BRQG hosted a National Quilting Day event and it was very nice, both for members of the guild and for those in attendance.  But that is for another posting.